PlayStation’s Days of Play 2022 Has Begun: Here’s What to Look For


As the start and end dates of PlayStation’s annual sale, “Days of Play 2022,” get leaked, it looks like the sale will start earlier next week.

Even with all the problems the lack of hardware has caused console makers so far, many gamers still couldn’t get a PlayStation 5. Those who already have one are looking forward to adding more games to their library with each new sale.

Every year, Sony has a special sale for a short time during which games and accessories are on sale at a discount. This year, Days of Play will be back, and it looks like it’s only a few days away!

May 25 is the first day

A leak from the Days of Play 2022 promotional image says that the sale will officially start on May 25 and last until June 8. During this event, on PS4 and PS5, you can expect to save money on a wide range of first-party and third-party games.

More specifically, you can expect big discounts on games like Demon’s Souls and Spider-Man: Miles Morales that were made just for the PlayStation 5’s launch. You probably shouldn’t expect deals on new games like Horizon 2: Forbidden West or Gran Turismo 7, but who knows?

You might want to wait a bit before buying PS games, as you may save a lot more for your favorite game.

During the next Days of Play, you can expect discounts on things other than games, like accessories and subscription services like PlayStation Plus. Also, like last year’s Days of Play, the promotional event might include challenges with free prizes and a free weekend of online play.

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