One Finger Selfie Challenge: Ways to Take a Perfect Selfie

There is just no end to social media challenges and the latest trend right now is the one finger selfie challenge.

There is just no end to social media challenges and the latest trend right now is the one finger selfie challenge. Unlike the mannequin challenge and the ice bucket challenge, this latest challenge is very adult-oriented.

The one finger selfie challenge is inspired by an anime drawing by Japanese anime artist Sky-FreeDom. The drawing shows a naked girl standing in front of the mirror and taking a selfie while covering her breasts and private parts with just one finger.

While most of the challenges are meant to be fun, this latest trend is something you should put on hold first. If you are underage, we strongly advise that you do not participate in this challenge.

If you are the person who minds having her photos shared, then this is also not the challenge for you. No matter how private your photo settings are, there will be people who find ways to share your photo. Because it contains nudity, more people will be interested in saving and sharing these types of photos.

One Finger Selfie Challenge Encourages Body Shaming

A Youtube video posted by Davison shows you how to pose for the one finger selfie challenge. Putting one finger in front of you to cover your nether region while the reflection of your finger covers your breast.

While this video shows you how to do it, the comments might make you think twice about actually doing it. The one finger selfie challenge is a venue for body shaming. One commenter said, ‘’ If you can hide it with 1 finger, then um not interested.”

There are also perverts commenting on the video. One commented, “Ouhh yeahhh! i love slut youtubers!” So if you are one who gets insulted with pervy comments then this challenge is definitely one for you.

But if you are decided to do the challenge, be ready for the comments you will receive. The important thing is, you love how your body looks and feels. If there are negative comments, don’t get affected by it. If you are comfortable with your own body and with posting on social media almost nude photos, then what other people say or think doesn’t really matter.

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