Nickelodeon is invading Hi-Rez Studios’ Smite in a big way

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Since its initial launch on console in 2016 with just 17 gods and a few aesthetic choices, Smite by Hi-Rez Studios has grown to feature 121 gods and many avatars, emoticons, and other customizability options. Coming to Smite will be personalities like Danny Phantom & Invader Zim from the Nickelodeon universe, as well as loads of decorative items.

Fans of Smite can anticipate to witness a huge crossover with Nickelodeon later this summer as Season 9 progresses. Two songs from Slipknot were added to Smite’s soundtrack in even the most major crossover featuring the band’s musicians. Other intersections in Smite comprise RWBY; Rambo; Stranger Things as well as Transformers, with this latest crossover joining an already recognized roster of Nickelodeon icons in the game.

In the past, Nickelodeon icons like Avatar: The Last Airbender as well as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have indeed been presented as characters in Smite via crossovers. Additional decorations, like the Global Emote and Gir Jump Stamp, are being introduced with Smite – Nickelodeon and will give Nickelodeon fans even more ways to show their love for the game.

Smite x Nickelodeon’s revelation was accompanied by a film showing a more playful aspect of Zeus as he engages with the animated characters. There is a peek of what Smite fans might expect to witness in a Nickelodeon mashup such as Rocko trying to ride a vacuum and holding a controller, Zim flying an inflatable before calling Gir with an entire army of Minimoose, even Danny Phantom spewing ecto-energy preparatory to establishing an intergalactic gateway. When it comes to the Smite x Nickelodeon video, Powdered Toastman and XJ9 go to the skies to execute an aerial assault on their opponents, much similar during Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.

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