NASA: NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Mirrors Are Intact Despite Meteorite Strike

Credit: Pixabay

After being hit by a micrometeoroid, a lens on the James Webb Space Telescope is likely to resume working properly, according to NASA’s estimates.

Although a barely discernible influence on the information, the team’s first evaluations show that the observatory is still operating above all mission criteria. Although the telescope has yet to reach its full potential, its first performance has exceeded estimates, proving that Webb is up to the task of advancing research as intended.

Between May 23 through 25, a micrometeoroid, which is less than just a speck of sand, hit one of the telescope’s main mirror segments. In comparison to Hubble as well as CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, NASA’s planned $10 billion observatory is one of the most costly scientific instruments ever created.

To learn about the genesis, evolution, and livability of exoplanets, NASA has assigned Webb a task that will culminate in mid-July with “amazing color photos” of the universe.

The telescope’s sensors have been aligned for the big unveiling over the last two months. When designing and calibrating the mirror, NASA considered the possibility of micrometeoroid hits, which “are an inescapable component of managing any spacecraft.” The most current effect was far greater than expected, and the team’s ability to evaluate it on the field was limited.

At NASA, Goddard, the manager of the Webb optical telescope module, indicated that we anticipated infrequent micrometeoroid hits on the telescope’s reflectors to gradually diminish telescope capability. Four lesser but quantifiable micrometeoroid hits have occurred since launching, all of which were expected.

According to NASA, the lenses may be turned away from any predicted meteor showers to safeguard Webb. A random occurrence, not a meteor shower, caused the May micrometeoroid hit, according to the report.

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