Mars Helicopter Records Breathtaking Footage During Record-Breaking Test Flight

Credit: Pixabay

At a velocity of 12 mph, NASA’s Mars chopper Ingenuity flew a range of 2,310 ft (704 meters) (5.5 m/s). As the crew gears up for their 29th mission to Mars, they decided to make public the footage from their most recent outing.

(Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

Flying 33 feet over the Martian landscape at a speed of 12 miles an hour, Ingenuity’s straight down guidance sensor gave us an incredible feeling of what it might be like to be on Mars.

The chopper begins heading southwest as soon as it reaches a height of 33 ft (10 m). Its fast-moving silhouette on the Martian surface does seem rather to be moving with a firm sense of purpose.

It takes just 3 seconds for ingenuity to reach its full potential. The 161.3-second trip was reduced to far less – around 35 s being speeding up to 5 times normal velocity.

In spite of the vid’s graininess, we can still gaze at Mars’ desert-like surface, which starts with fine sandy swirls, then turns more stony approximately midway through the clip, before leveling out anew and giving a secure touchdown area for Ingenuity.

The Perseverance rover’s companion, the Ingenuity heli, has shown its worth again over & over. As of April 19, 2021, Ingenuity will have made history as the very first motorized aircraft to leave Earth’s atmosphere. Even though the initial mission objective was for just 5 trips over Mars, the 19-inch tall (48 cm) 4-pound (1.8 kg) chopper already has surpassed all predictions by charting 28 trips over the red planet.

In spite of past difficulties in communicating with Ingenuity as well as its six-wheeled vehicle partner, the chopper has lately been enlisted to assist Perseverance in its investigation of Mars. It will be hovering above to assess the most effective paths that may be taken across the globe.

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