How YouTube Is Taking Measures To Mitigate Scamming And Impersonation

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As of this writing, Channels on youtube will be able to conceal their follower numbers. This means that fraudsters won’t be able to fool users into thinking they’re prominent YouTubers since they can cross-check the number of subscribers they have. A false or fraudulent profile would have fewer or no subscribers at all compared to the genuine creator’s profile.

Adjustment No. 2: The content-sharing website has restricted the usage of special symbols in channel names, which is the second big change. Special characters have been used by fraudsters in an attempt to make their channel names seem like the real thing. As a result, limiting the alternatives of evil actors diminishes their ability to commit crimes.

The third approach is a functionality that may be accessed by the game’s developers. For the first time, YouTubers will be able to enable sophisticated moderation policies on their channels. Enabling “increasing strictness” in the YouTube channel’s Settings page enables the option. These 3 alterations should assist in limiting the amount of spam that appears in Comments on youtube.

Corrections for creators is a new function that just went live on YouTube. Mistakes in video descriptions may be fixed using this feature, which is named after it. For example, it may be that the video has a mistake or an addition to what was stated and any other bit of information that may be of interest for the author to correct or modify.

Video makers will be able to update their videos’ descriptions with information on the changes they’ve made. Video makers may now make changes to their films without re-filming and re-uploading it to YouTube, which saves them effort and time. In a help article and a clip on the YouTube creator insiders account, Google has shown how to make adjustments to a clip.

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