‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Map Leaks Online

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“Hogwarts Legacy” is a thrilling action RPG that takes players on an epic journey through the wizarding world introduced in the Harry Potter books. As a student at Hogwarts in the 1800s, you’ll explore familiar and new locations, encountering magical creatures and mastering spells along the way. With the ability to customize your character and craft potions, as well as upgrade your talents, you’ll have the power to become the wizard of your dreams.

However, the journey won’t be without challenges. A dark secret threatens the wizarding world, and it’s up to you to uncover the truth and decide the fate of the world. Will you make allies and battle against dark wizards, or will you join forces with them? The choice is yours in this immersive open-world adventure. The story is yours to write, as you embark on a journey to create your own legacy in the wizarding world. Live the Unwritten and experience Hogwarts like never before.

‘Hogwarts Legacy’ launches on February 10

The map of the forthcoming game has already leaked online, and the fans have strong reasons to be excited! Xfire.com brings us details.

In a leaked clip, three sprawling regions were revealed, each with its own map. These maps boast the classic “fog of war” element, where areas that remain uncharted are depicted in a dull brown color, while explored areas burst with vibrant green hues.

The maps feature 3D elements, including buildings that rise vertically from the surface, providing a more captivating and immersive experience. Additionally, players can keep track of all collectibles within each region by consulting the top right corner of the map, where a list of all collectibles for the area is displayed.

Avalanche Software is the developer of the upcoming game, while Warner Bros. Games represents the publisher.

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