Halo Infinite’s CO-op Mode Delayed to August

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343 Industries, the company behind Halo Infinite, says that the game’s long-awaited network co-op campaign mode will be out in late August. The game’s head of creative, Joseph Staten, has talked about this recently. Forge mode in Halo Infinite is going to have an open beta in September, according to Staten. This is part of a new roadmap that he shared.

343 Industries said a long time before Halo Infinite came out in December that co-op and Forge mode wouldn’t be available when the game came out. The developer then said that campaign co-op would be released “within” season 2, but then changed that objective to “later” in season 2.

Split-screen campaign co-op is a feature that allows you to play the campaign with your friends on the same TV. The problem here is that it is still a long way from coming. On the roadmap, 343 Industries doesn’t expect to have split-screen co-op in the game until the third multiplayer season, which starts on November 8. According to the roadmap, the split-screen co-op isn’t set in stone yet, so that could change the time frame.

As for Forge, here’s what Staten said: “We want to get the Forge toolset into your hands sooner rather than later so that awesome community maps and modes can more rapidly make their way into the game. To make this happen, we’re targeting a Forge open beta later in Season 2. We’ve successfully had Forge in private flighting with a limited audience for some time, so we’ve decided to forgo a large-scale formal flighting program and go right to open beta.”

343 Industries also plans to release a feature that lets you replay campaign missions in late August. They did not add it when the game was first released.

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