GTA V New Update Patch Comes With Many Surprises


People who play Grand Theft Auto on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S got an update patch from Rockstar Games.

People say that the new GTA Online DLC is coming, but it wasn’t present in this new patch. Given that Grand Theft Auto V was only released last month, this patch mostly adds new features and fixes bugs for the Grand Theft Auto V: Expansion and Enhanced Edition.

Version 1.0002 was released: here’s what’s new

When it comes to the size of the patch, it will depend on which platform people are playing the game on. Those who own PlayStations should have a download size to be about 512MB. 2.4GB for Xbox users, and 1GB For PC users.

On PC, a new Grand Theft Auto V update has changed a lot of things. According to some rumors, the update is meant to make the PC version ready for changes like the new AA solution and ray traced shadows that we’ve all seen in PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X editions.

All of the new vehicles’ files were there in the PC update’s file, but they were blank and empty. They all have a size of about 1 KB each, and they all take up about 1 MB of space.

This could mean that this update was only made to add HSW upgrades to cars that already existed. The new cars are all going to be next-generation only.

Other changes aren’t as big as the ones we’ve already talked about. Players can now change the motion blur strength from the settings, and a new UI is added for hiding jobs and events.

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