GTA Online: How to Start Special Vehicle Work


When it comes to Special Vehicle Work, GTA Online gamers should know a few things before starting.  These tasks may earn CEOs and VIPs a lot of money. The competition will be won by players delivering chosen autos to a drop-off zone. Special Vehicle Work needs a minimum of two players, but up to four can participate.

GTA Online, of course, will make it worthwhile for players. Special Vehicle Work is restricted to CEOs and VIPs.

How to start it all

Being an executive can lead to a lifestyle that may be extremely rewarding. GTA Online gamers, on the other hand, aren’t going to be sitting at their offices all day. They’ll have to make some effort. All that is required is a truly helpful app.

Use the computer from the Executive Office

Players should buy the Executive Office from Dynasty 8 Executive in order to become a strong CEO. Inside the main office, there should be a computer. From there, you can visit the SecuroServ website:

  • Choose the tab for “Special Vehicle Work”
  • Pick your mission
  • Click “Launch Mission”

CEOs may now begin their Special Vehicle Work missions. They’ll be driving a variety of customized vehicles, ranging from the Ramp Buggy to the Wastelander. GTA Online players may unlock trade values for these specific automobiles by finishing certain tasks.

Can I unlock all the missions?

At first, Special Vehicle Work missions will be locked. Each one requires a certain amount of Vehicle Cargo missions to unlock. You’ll have to steal a particular number of automobiles.

These are the unlocking requirements

  • Escape Escort (4 vehicles)
  • Breakdown Recovery (8 vehicles)
  • Cleanup Op (12 vehicles)
  • Asset Seizure (16 vehicles)
  • Firewall Protection (20 vehicles)
  • Coast Guard Duty (24 vehicles)
  • End of Transmission (28 vehicles)
  • Arms Embargo (32 vehicles)


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