GTA 6 Release Date Leak Is Fake, Fans Are Disappointed

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Rockstar says that the active development of GTA 6 is “well underway.” Since posts on the internet got fans of the series excited, rumors have been going at full speed. There are all sorts of leaks and rumors going around. People have claimed to have figured out the map, the location, and the main character, and everyone is going nuts.

The latest leak was a document that was said to be from Take-Two Interactive. On May 16, the huge company will have a conference call to talk about its earnings. Rockstar usually makes big announcements around this time of year, but a document is going around social media that is said to show the company’s plans for the near future.

It’s all fake

As was said above, the investors of Take-Two Interactive, the company that owns Rockstar, will get together on May 16. At this meeting, people talk about recent accomplishments and plans for the future. Rockstar has a habit of making big announcements before or after these gatherings, so it’s no surprise that GTA fans are curious.

We have all been waiting for news about GTA 6. Since February 4, Rockstar hasn’t said anything about the matter.

“FY23-FY25 Pipeline Details” is the name of the document. On the list, it says that GTA 6 will come out in the second half of 2024. The document also shows that a game called Mafia: Primordial will come out in 2023 and that another game called Red Dead: Gunslinger will come out around the same time.

These two games showed that the document was a fake, since 2K and Rockstar haven’t made the announcement them yet. Fans usually hear about new games from the publisher, not from the company that owns the publisher. Take-Two will never give out information before the studios.

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