Google AI Does Your Interview Prep For You – Helps You Ace Responses

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Google’s newest Interview Warmup tool makes use of machine learning (AI) to assist users in preparing for different types of job interviews.

Grow with Google as well as Career Certification are elements of the tool’s use. Google Career Certificate students are the first to benefit from this feature. Anyone may use the tool now that it’s been made public.

There’s an Interview Warmup application that allows individuals to experience solving the most often asked questions in interviews and job-specific topics selected by a specialist in that industry. If you’re looking for a job, you’ll be asked about your prior experience and education, how you’ve handled or may handle a crisis, and how well you know the position’s responsibilities.

Every question must be read and listened to attentively by the user before clicking “Answer” and starting to talk. There is a real-time transcription of all replies. A user may then analyze the quantity of keywords linked to their employment, how often they are used, and if they have covered all of the crucial talking elements.

There are merely ideas and comments stated on Google’s FAQ section, according to the site. Using insights, you may deduce trends in your responses. No one grades your response or tells you whether parts of your solution are correct or incorrect.

You may be certain that no one shall have access to any sound files you input into the program. But users may save their responses, copy & paste the content or download the whole transcription after the session.

Chrome on macOS and Windows, as well as Android, can all use Google’s newest feature, which is now available to all users. For iOS devices, you may also use Safari to go to it.

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