Final Fantasy 15 Guide: How to Get Airship, Battle Square Enix CEO in-game?

Players have waited for a decade to get a new Final Fantasy title. Final Fantasy 15 is a mixture of fan’s dreams, hopes, and Easter Eggs.

Players have waited for a decade to get a new Final Fantasy title. Final Fantasy 15 is a mixture of fan’s dreams, hopes, and Easter Eggs.

Fans will know that Final Fantasy 15 is a return to the grim, dark storylines of the titles. It features Noctis and his friends in a journey to reclaim his throne that was stolen by some powers-that-be.

However, the game is not without its Easter Eggs. Did you know you can fight a giant Prompto and Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda?

Apparently so! Square Enix has brought a special version of the game to its Release Eve broadcast. It’s a Mystery Disc created specifically for the broadcast for players and fans to see. It has an entire festival in Accordo with a lot of fan art.

Meanwhile, Prompto will be transforming into a hulking childhood version of himself, which you have to solve. And lastly, players are taken to a battle against Square Enix president and CEO Yosuke Matsuda.

Sadly, there is no news if this version will be accessible for players any time soon. However, here is a video about the entire matter. (It starts 2:41:55 and ends at 3:09:28).

Final Fantasy 15: Airships!

Meanwhile, one of the game’s primary appeal is to be able to tour an open world from behind a dashing car. This is the essence of the friendships within the game. Noctis and his friends will be touring the world of Eos, in a 50GB-worth massive overworld.

However, while riding inside a cool car does seem fun – did you know you can also fly an airship?

Fans will be disappointed if they think the airship is like anything in the previous games. It’s not the steampunk ship with Tesla coils all over. However, beating the game will unlock a flying version of Regalia, the car.

Players who beat the game will have to save their clear data after the credits roll. They can reload the game and travel back in time to the past Lucis. This will open a series of side quests, including one that helps the Regalia fly.

Players ought to accept the Formouth Garrison mission and be on Level 46. It’s a tough boss fight as it has a lot of minions, but beating him will get the Strange Engine. This is the last item among many to unlock the Type-F.

Players can then go to Cindy at Cid’s garage and ask her to upgrade the Regalia. This baby has an infinite fuel tank. Plus, there’s an exclusive dungeon for the Type-F as well.

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