Final Fantasy 15 Guide: How to Find, Kill Cactuar and Slactuar

Here is an extensive Final Fantasy 15 Guide towards finding and killing Cactuar and Slactuar to earn rewards points.

There is a handy Final Fantasy 15 Guide which will help you ferret out and kill Slactuar and Cactuar. Killing both will help you achieve an experiential level which is immensely fulfilling. You will get rewarded with huge experience points once you kill these comical characters.

The Final Fantasy 15 Guide will help you kill the uncommon Cactuar. This has three forms, namely the Gigantuar, Slactuar, and Cactuar. This can be found on Leide’s outskirts. You will earn huge experience once you successfully kill off the Cactuar.

The Final Fantasy 15 Guide will help you find these creatures without any hitch. These creatures can sometimes be found in Duscae as well. Game N Guide reports that the Perpetouss Keep is where they are mostly found.

However, you should keep in mind that these creatures do not always appear when you visit. Using the summoning whistle is highly recommended. You should keep summoning enemies until you see Slactuar or Cactuar appear.

Other Handy Final Fantasy 15 Tips

You should also look for these creatures around 5 AM onwards. This is because both creatures have a tendency to brood after dawn. The Gigantuar only appears during hunts as per reports. You should use Daggers and Guns to kill off the Cactuar once it starts spawning.

These creatures are known to move swiftly and can also repel your fire spells. You should opt for Thunder and Ice Spells instead. The Wait Mode should also be tapped effectively for planning attacks and movements.

Slactuar and Cactuar both offer a whopping 3, 333 experience points in all. The Cactuar creatures usually drop Oracle Ascension Coins which give vital magic boosts. The Slactuar creatures also drop Cactuar needles whenever necessary.

Players will also need to keep collecting these Cactuar needles for upgrading their weapons whenever required. These tips will help players successfully seek and kill the Cactuar and Slactuar.

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