Doom Eternal Has A Few Physical Switch Options For You

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Digital marketplaces have become the preferred method of purchasing games for many players. Even if some digital-only titles may have physical versions in the future, many gamers will find it more convenient to make their purchases directly from their console. However, some people still like to have a tangible thing to handle, particularly when it pertains to limited as well as special editions. As a result of this, it seems that physical copies of Doom Eternal for the Nintendo Switch will be available at some time.

A handful of physical Doom Eternal releases have been listed on this same Limited Run shop, which was discovered by Nintendo Life. There is also a SteelBook Edition; the Ultimate Edition; plus the Special Edition in addition to the normal copy. Special & Ultimate Editions are the most costly at $114.99 as well as $174.99, respectively, making them the most pricey. A lot of extras are included in both editions. Pre-orders shall start on July 29 and continue through September 11 without a specific launch date for the hard copies.

Also, this isn’t the first occasion Limited Run has released hard media of the popular FPS series. The original Doom games were also made available on the Switch in March of last year. No matter how simple it is to purchase video games online and avoid waiting around for them to be delivered, there is clearly sufficient desire for tangible releases to merit limited editions and special editions.

The collectible component of a tangible copy is a big draw for some players. Collector’s editions of video games, much like Dark Souls 3 Prestige Edition or anything that includes an illustrated book or a detailed figure, have been popular in the old days. For instance, the Doom Eternal Ultimate Edition includes a 5-inch reproduction Super Shotgun, which is considered the coolest weapon in the whole game, as well as vinyl cover wall art, a copy Slayer Gate key, as well as a keychain. The DLC will not be included in the Limited Editions for Doom Eternal.

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