Do You Really Need GTA+?


This month’s GTA Plus rewards aren’t as good as last month’s, but it’s still worth taking a closer look. The limited-time access to a new HSW vehicle is the biggest thing that isn’t there. For example, last month’s upgrade for the Brioso R/A was available early to players who paid for it.

Here’s what GTA Plus members will get from Rockstar Games for June 2022:

  • Blue Stitch Emissive Masks
  • Blue Glow Necklace
  • 50% extra cash and RP on Gunrunning Sell Missions
  • Access to Shark Cards+
  • 2x cash and RP on Down Double
  • Free Mobile Operations Center
  • Stars and War Camo Liveries
  • Bunker in Raton Canyon
  • Bunker supplies cost 50% less than usual
  • 500,000

If players didn’t get the rewards from the previous months, they probably wouldn’t get these rewards either. As far as cash bonuses go, the price is still worth more than a Shark Card of the same value, so it is a good deal.

Having access to Shark Cards+ is a big help

The best thing about this month’s subscription is that Gunrunning Sell Missions will give you more money and RP. Even though most experienced players already have a bunker and don’t care about supply costs, getting a free bunker, lower supply costs, and 50% more cash is a big help.

The ability to steal supplies hasn’t changed, so players who would rather steal them than buy them won’t benefit much from the 50% discount. This subscription will help new players much more than it will help veterans, just based on what’s in June 2022’s lineup.

How to sign up for GTA Plus?

You should definitely know how to join. You can find it easily in the same section of the PlayStation Store or Microsoft Store as the game and Shark Cards. A membership costs $5.99 per month and is automatically renewed each month.

Right now, it can only be played on the PS5 and the Xbox Series X|S. Players on PS4, Xbox One, and PC don’t have any membership options right now.

How do I stop my membership to GTA Plus?

Some players might not be very excited about the bonuses this month. So they might want to stop paying for the service. To do this, go back to the store where you bought your console and use the GTA Plus option to turn it off.


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