Darktide Release Date And New Info Officially Announced

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Co-op horde action videogame Warhammer 40K: Darktide is the next from Fatshark, the Vermintide & Vermintide 2 developers. Darktide’s original release date of 2021 has been pushed back many times. In April, Fatshark only confirmed that the title will be published in September 2022 owing to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on production. Fans of Darktide were left bewildered when the new schedule was revealed on April 1.

Fatshark has been releasing additional previews and teasers for Darktide as the game’s launch date approaches. With “Vox Transmissions,” Darktide’s campaign trailer provided gamers a better glimpse at the Chaos-infested Hiveworld in Warhammer 40K they’ll have to battle through, as well as a wealth of new lore elements. Fatshark also announced that a fresh class would be added into Darktide, and also how the title will include certain live-service components in a discussion with a gaming magazine. Supporters have been clamoring for a decent peek at Darktide playability for a long time now.

Just 2 minutes in length, the new Darktide teaser gives players a good idea of how the gameplay and its new objectives will play out. Fatshark’s earlier Warhammer horde title, Vermintide, had a simpler mission structure that required players to travel to a certain location, kill all the enemies there, and then demolish all the goals there. Other than murdering Chaos worshipers, it appears that Darktide will have riddles and minigames utilizing Warhammer 40K’s superior tech.

It’s clear from the teaser that Fatshark has preserved much of what rendered Vermintide as well as its successor so great when it comes to action and battle in Darktide. Some players were offended by the reuse of opponent assault graphics from Vermintide 2, that was a sequel to Vermintide. It appears that several of the categories in Darktide will bear some resemblance to the available classes in Vermintide, featuring ultimate powers that may either aid in taking down an especially powerful monster or fast sweep away waves of adversaries.

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