Apple Not Expected To Unveil AR Headset at WWDC in June

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Several days earlier, a well-known insider made the assumption that Apple will not introduce the first-generation virtual world headset during WWDC 2022. According to the source, the device isn’t ready for market, and the introduction of the realityOS eyeglasses at WWDC would give competitors the opportunity to imitate Apple’s style and concepts.

The claim surfaced at precisely the same time as other publications said that it is improbable for Apple to debut the realityOS glasses during the presentation.

It is anticipated that Apple will commercialize the piece of software that would power augmented reality (AR) and vr technology (VR) interactions on Apple’s headgear & glasses in the hereafter under the moniker realityOS. Apple has trademarked realityOS, but it’s unlikely to debut at WWDC.

Apple may deliver realityOS glasses next year, according to a leak. Apple’s hybrid reality goods won’t be announced at WWDC 2022.

Mixed reality devices may resemble VR-only gaming machines. Examples include PSVR; Meta Oculus, & HTC Vive. Apple hopes to add AR functionality to realityOS to widen the use value for such a gadget and prepare for its AR spectacles later this generation.

First-generation realityOS headgear should allow gaming, multimedia usage, and networking. It’ll include many cameras, including eye-tracking lenses. High-resolution screens will shoot information into the retina. The realityOS glasses use a MacBook-grade M1 CPU for wireless Ar / Vr.

Supposedly. Apple hasn’t acknowledged rumors.

The leaker believes Apple has delayed the launch, making WWDC 2022 unfeasible. Next year, Apple will unveil realityOS spectacles.

The report says manufacturing should begin in Q4 2022. Apple must overcome undisclosed concerns before launching realityOS.

Apple may debut realityOS and hybrid reality glasses coming year at a different event. Apple would then definitely give time to change current applications or build new ones for the debut.

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