Top 3 Reasons to Use McAfee Antivirus

More than just the fundamental security is what McAfee assures, in the first place, for your home PC or your small office PCs.

The supplementary features that McAfee Antivirus offers to its users are found in a paid version in other antivirus software versions. Though there an endless list of features it provides to secure your PC’s assets, there are 3 major things you must pay attention to, while it comes to McAfee Antivirus.

The One-in-All Enemy

McAfee Antivirus not only handles and fights against spyware familiarly, but also other malware like Trojans and viruses. You might be sending out an email or downloading personal and official files, either from your email inbox or through personal chats; you never know the amount of hackers waiting to read this information like you. There are also millions and trillions of malware waiting to prey on your data. McAfee Antivirus will attack all that is malicious and will not let that dangerous stuff infect your PC. The 2-way firewall protection that McAfee Antivirus provides, erases even the cookies, cache and memory and spares your time to a great extent.

Substantial Support

No matter you want to glance at the FAQs or post a question or clarification on the usage of McAfee Antivirus, you are always welcome to do so with McAfee Antivirus’ web portal. It is a good place to read through the other questions users might have asked and the same one must be thriving on the top of your head too. This is the spot for all your answers and to write down your ramblings about the software as well.

Other than the FAQs, you can also get in touch with the technical support staff to walk you over queries about McAfee Antivirus on the phone, emails and live chats. All this support, you can seek all 24/7. There are also updated blogs in the McAfee Antivirus web portal, which you can read and keep yourself updated on the recent happenings.

The Network Management Tool and the Digital Data Shredder

These features, network management tool and digital data shredder are encompassed in one entity in McAfee Antivirus. The network management tool will provide you with easy access to manual scanning and the steps forward, while the digital data shredder will side by side work on shredding down your digital identity from the hackers and other malicious infestations.

With the management tool, you will also get access to other primary and secondary navigation tabs, which will essentially make it easy for you to handle the McAfee Antivirus console. Also, the user-friendly interface on the console will make it easy for you to understand the technical terms and processes that the antivirus conducts on your PC for security.

Digital shredding is what is essential to the modern online world and is very much covered extensively by McAfee Antivirus. While you are shopping online or paying your bills or towards other good causes, you have no other option left, but to fill up your personal details. These include your phone number, your complete name also in some cases, your credit card number, address and your transaction details. In fact, this is the place that completely intervenes into your personal space in the name of online transactions. Keeping this information hidden from prying eyes is not a manual possibility and effective software is needed.

This is when McAfee Antivirus comes into role play. The amount of security McAfee Antivirus offers on your digital identity is not what a paid version of the highest and costliest selling antivirus software can also do. You can count on your PC security needs totally if you have McAfee Antivirus installed on your system!

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