How To Protect Your Child Online

Many kids these days are technically savvy and their ability to find things on the internet developed quickly. This could be dangerous in most situations as kids can easily get to inappropriate sites. What parents need is a child protection filter. It will be required for someone who has kids who use the internet on a daily basis.

Here are some tips to protect your child when they are browsing the net:

  1. Install a child protection filter or firewall. This will stop your child from accessing non age appropriate content. It is easy to find filters that are low of cost and effective. You can start your search on CNET or catalogues.
  2. Do not leave your child in front of the computer all alone. Allow them to use the internet when you are around. Placing your computer in a common area of your house will also help. Remember, while a filter does protect your child from most websites it does not protect them from everything. There are loopholes which a child can get through. So make sure to monitor your kid when he/she uses the internet.
  3. Let the kids know from an early age to not talk to strangers and to never give out their name, age, phone numbers, or any thing of this sort. Make sure they know to ask for your permission when they give out their email address for an online forum or website registration.
  4. Bookmark most visited pages so they are only a click away. Kids might stumble upon uncensored content just by making a typographical error when they type a URL.
  5. Keep a pop up block on at all times. Or download one if you do not have one. There are times when content not suitable for eyes can pop up at anytime.
  6. Monitor your child’s emails.
  7. Let your kids know the importance of not opening emails from strangers or spam. Tell them about the dangers of viruses from downloading attachments from emails sent by strangers.
  8. Emphasize the fact just because someone has posted a fact on the internet it is not necessarily true.
  9. Teach your kids that if they feel threatened or scared because of someone online that they can come to you with any problem.

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